An Idyllic Fall Wedding Celebration

fall wedding
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Fall is considered by many as the ideal time to tie the knot!

Weddings are beautiful all year round, but fall is an especially charming time of year. Summer’s relentless heat is all but a memory, but there’s still plenty of sunshine to make a fall wedding an absolute joy. Pumpkin spice, rustic charm and lots of earthy hues characterize weddings this time of year. It’s the temperate weather that drives so many couples to seek out the ideal fall wedding date. Autumn brings with it an entirely different feel than the hustle and bustle of a blistering hot summer; fall weddings are more laid back and there’s more likely to be a chill in the air as the evening draws on. When you marry in fall, you’re blessed with all of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

fall wedding ideas
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Mise en Scène for Fall Weddings

Many wedding planners are partial to placing heat lamps in outdoor areas where guests congregate in fall weddings. Some folks even like to set up a couple of fire pits, perhaps even inexpensive wraps near the reception. Of course the ambience must be completed with a gorgeous, decorative display of fall wedding blossoms. Bouquets of flowers certainly create an idyllic wedding atmosphere, and there are many examples of sublime arrangements you can count on. These include ornamental vegetables, crabapples and even wheat. Standard colors for fall weddings include popular palette choices such as golds, browns, burgundy, and purples, with pairings of those classic configurations. The idea is to be at one with the splendor around you, to blend in as beautifully as possible. You’ll want to be on your toes when selecting a fall wedding date, since there are several holidays that may interrupt your celebrations. These include the Jewish holy days, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day.

fall wedding decorations
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Fall Weddings: Entertainment Par Excellence

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fall wedding
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