Wedding color schemes can set the theme

Which Color Scheme is Best for My Wedding? The color scheme to your wedding can make, break, and set the tone for the entire event. More traditional brides should stay the course with classic shades while more the eclectic of stylistas should start thinking outside the box for colors that may not seem as quintessentially …

bridesmaid photo cute

Photographs are one of the most important investments you will make during the wedding planning process. A high-quality photographer can capture the finer details and candid moments of your day, leaving you with hundreds of visual memories you would otherwise lack. Therein lies the problem: how do you display the photos you spent so much …

unique diamond engagement ring

Once the decision is made that you want to marry the special person you hope to soon call your wife or husband, the next step is planning how to ask in the “right way”. Getting engaged to the love of your life is a huge milestone and careful consideration should go into how you get …

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