Having a wedding is expensive enough with all the frills and ruffles, but there’s definitely no need to splurge on every detail. Saving on the small stuff that is doable by yourself is a smart move and can mean the difference between going over the budget and spending just right. If you want to save …


When you’re tying the knot, getting your head around all the little aspects of wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. From figuring out your budget to picking your venue, trying on dresses to buying wedding jewellery, there’s so much ‘unknown territory’ to explore. However, for many couples, wedding stationery plays a central role in …

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brother of bride

Brother Walking Me Down The Aisle. How to Add Him to The Program. I am making the wedding programs for my niece. Her brother is escorting her down the aisle. How do I say this and where should I list this information in the wedding program? Weddings Unlimited On the section where you are listing the …

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When a parent has passed, what’s the appropriate way to recognize them throughout the wedding invitations, programs, etc? And what happens if the surviving parents remarry? In this article we break down: Wedding program wording etiquette How to honor deceased parents throughout the written wedding materials Any exceptions to the rules The Question: How do …

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wedding invitation

Wedding Announcements Vs Invitations Announcement My daughter has a limited budget for the reception and can only invite a certain number of guests to the wedding (with dinner reception to follow). We would like to send separate invitations to wedding guests but also want to include friends and family in the celebration by way of …

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wedding ceremony church

How Much Time Is Too Much Time Between The Ceremony And Reception? Question: We are thinking of having our wedding at 12 pm and our cocktail hour stars at 4:30. The majority of our guests are local, but we do have some out-of-towners, of course. We live in an area where there is plenty to …

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  Hello! I am planning to make my own escort cards for my reception. Is there a free escort card template that I can download online that you can recommend? I am looking for a format that allows you to type on it and then print it out yourself. Also, since I have a Victorian-themed …

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vow renewal wording

Question: What would the appropriate wording be for an officiant to say at a renewal of vows after 10 years? Is there a recognised speech and procedure as in a traditional wedding ceremony? What would he say to bring the ceremony to a close? Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc®, a wedding planning …

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