memorial candle ceremony

Hello! We would be greatful for some advice, thank you! We would like to honor our deceased grandparents at our wedding ceremony. Also, I (the bride) have one remaining grandfather who is still living and will be at the ceremony and we would like to honor him as well. We are having a candlelit church …

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Perform a Memorial Candle Lighting Ceremony I am planning on doing a memorial candle at the beginning of our ceremony. My fiance lost his son a year and a half ago, his father, and I lost my mother about 5 years ago. We have no plans for a wedding program. The suggestions say for the …

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Dollar Dance Alternatives Reader Question Our families really don’t dance. We are taking waltz lessons so that we can have our first dance but other than that there wont be any real dancing! We need some alternative ideas for the dollar dance! Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks! Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca Dear …

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wedding veils

When Is Bride’s Veil lifted? I am wearing a long Belgian lace veil, drop style. We are having a full Catholic wedding mass – so there will be the liturgy, then the rite of marriage, then communion. When would be the most traditional time to lift the veil? I am also worried I might get …

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sibling wedding

Wedding Planning Etiquette When It Comes To Sibling Wedding Dates My fiance and I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and have already found our dream venue and set our date for September of next year (over a year and a half away). My fiance’s brother and his girlfriend got engaged one week …

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Eloping Before Wedding And Announcing During Wedding Reception Hello I need a bit of advice! My fiance and I are planning our wedding and due to us being of two different religions, we have considered eloping to Europe. We love the idea of exchanging vows between just the two of us on the anniversary of …

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what to pay for an officiant

How Much Do You Pay a Minister for a Wedding? My daughter is getting married in 3 weeks in a very simple, immediate family only, ceremony which will be held on the porch of an old renovated beautiful home. The minister performing the ceremony will be traveling approximately 30 miles to conduct it. My question …

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Instead of doing the lighting of the unity candles, we will instead do the sand ceremony. How can we still have our mothers participate? So many questions, so little time. Thank you. Annemarie Juhlian, Wedding Officiant & Minister As a Wedding Officiant in Seattle, I have worked with many couples to honor their mothers during …

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songs for mother of bride

Songs For Mother Of The Bride During The Ceremony In my small ceremony, I’d like to incorporate a song for my mom. At the reception, Dad will get his special moment with me in our dance, but I’d love to have something special for just Mom also. I’ve picked out a lovely song that speaks …

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Traditional Wedding Vows Hia, I was just wondering about traditional wedding vows because the ones that are published here do not have the bride saying …and obey.. where can I get a copy of these vows? Donna, Wedding Queen, President: The part of the vows you are referring to comes before the actual vows: THE …

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My husband and I were recently married in a small ceremony this past December. We invited only our immediate families and it was held aboard The Queen Mary (a retired cruise ship.) We kept it small for practical reasoning. Our families are on opposite sides of the country and we did not want to make …

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honor deceased at wedding

Wedding Ceremony: How to Honor Deceased Relatives I was very close to my grandmother, and I want her to be honored at my wedding. It is a casual outdoor wedding with about 125 guests. I have seen the idea of using flowers and such to do so and it has appeal. Another thought was pictures …

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The Rose Ceremony I am having trouble finding the wording to use in a rose ceremony in honor of our mothers. I am only finding the traditional wording for just the bride and groom and I really would like to surprise our mothers with a rose during the ceremony, any help would be greatly appreciated. …

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vow renewal wording

Question: What would the appropriate wording be for an officiant to say at a renewal of vows after 10 years? Is there a recognised speech and procedure as in a traditional wedding ceremony? What would he say to bring the ceremony to a close? Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc®, a wedding planning …

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