When it comes to the kiddos at the wedding, there are a lot of ways to fizzle out the awkwardness of the flame before it happens – no matter which side you’re on, be it host of the event or parent. Do I bring my kids? Should I invite everyone’s kids? What should I dress …


Nope. Adding the child element to any wedding means ensuring they are being watched the entire time and do not decide to eat the wedding cake. Adults-only weddings are increasingly common, so if you want to do it, stick to your big day guns. Allowing some friends to bring their rugrats and not others will …

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Not at all. It is YOUR wedding. If you don’t want kids there, in the wise words of Bobby Brown, that’s your prerogative. Yes, guests may complain, but that’s too darn bad. Not all children are well-behaved, which isn’t their fault, but still. If nightmares of demon children ruining your wedding are making you wake …

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My husband and I were married 10 years ago, when we were 19. We are looking for a “do over” considering the first marriage was not exactly what we had hoped for. We are opting for a church and holding a reception where we were first married. Our daughter (5 years) will be our flower-girl …

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  My fiance and I are going to marry in the fall. We have grown or mostly grown children. We are looking for ways to start new wedding traditions by giving heirloom gifts that can be passed from child to child during subsequent wedding ceremonies (children’s not ours as we will not be remarrying again.) …

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vow renewal whole family

My husband and I had always said that we would renew our vows on our 10th anniversary. We are just a couple of months away and I could use some suggestions. We’ve been through some rough patches when we weren’t sure our marriage would survive. We want this ceremony to relect not just a recommitment …

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How to Include Boys In a Wedding When I Already Have a Ring Bearer My fiance and I are getting married and would like to have his 2 six year old nephews in the wedding. Traditionally, you would think they would be the ring bearers, but my FH has a 7 year old daughter who …

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Adult Only Wedding Reception

Is it rude to have an adult-only wedding and reception? I am planning a 5 pm wedding in May and a 7 pm reception which will last until 11 pm. I live in NC and have been here settled for over 9 years and my husband-to-be is from another country and has been here for …

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children at wedding

Children’s Roles in A Wedding I have 2 attendants currently, my fiance has 1. I would love to include his 4 nieces in the wedding, but he does not want 6 standing on my side and only 1 on his. The girls are ages 10-18. I know the oldest 2 really should be bridesmaids, but that’s …

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kids and weddings

Including Children In Your Wedding Party Question: Hi! I am getting married and have quite a few children (8) in the wedding party. Please advise what they should be called in the wedding program. I have searched for the answer but this situation seems somewhat unique. Thank you!!!! Joyce C Smith, MBC: Having a large …

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