Wedding invitation etiquette can get daunting and that’s why we’re focusing our advice on one of the most common questions. Take a peek and start sending out your RSVPs soon! Readers Ask “Do we have to invite plus ones?” Our Answer You sure don’t, at least your single guests you aren’t obligated to do. If …


When it comes to the kiddos at the wedding, there are a lot of ways to fizzle out the awkwardness of the flame before it happens – no matter which side you’re on, be it host of the event or parent. Do I bring my kids? Should I invite everyone’s kids? What should I dress …


She didn’t ask you? Hmm. Generally speaking, couples review who they want to invite to their wedding together and come up with a list they both agree on. Regardless, it is a very good idea to talk to your bride about this, as it could simply be an oversight. If this is the case and …

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Wedding mistakes are usually the result of poor planning or miscommunication with the vendor/waitstaff. Food can come out at the wrong time during the reception, the best man has no idea when to give his speech, the flower girl is too little and cries halfway down the aisle, the the cake went to the wrong …

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  In two words, very rude. Emergencies such as a violent illness or a death in the family are pretty much the only excusable exceptions. Failing to show up at a wedding you said you would go to is so rude you can pretty much expect an angry phone call from the happy couple. Besides, …

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You definitely have the right to be irritated, as that is the initial reaction of pretty much everyone. However, try your darnedest to see where the bride and groom are coming from. It’s actually quite standard for significant others of the wedding party to be excluded since “dating” is somewhat ambiguous and there’s the chance …

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wedding invitation wording

Professional Title for Invitation A female guest is a veterinarian. Should her invitation be worded: Doctor Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith? I’ve heard that you write out “Doctor” for medical (does veterinarian count?) and write “Dr.” for Ph.D. Correct?  Etiquette Now Yes, you would address the veternarian as Doctor. And, because the woman is the doctor, you would …

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small wedding ceremony

Limited Seating At My Wedding. How Do I Handle It? Hello — I am really nervous about my upcoming wedding because the venue has a maximum guest of 75. How do I send out invitations (many are out-of-towners; many have more than one child) and at the same time help ensure we don’t go over …

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wedding invite problems

Invite Wedding Guests to Ceremony but Not Reception Under what circumstances, if any, is it considered to be acceptable to invite all guests to the ceremony, but only some to the dinner/meal part of a reception with the rest being allowed to join after the food is finished? Is this one of those things that …

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Should I Ask My Fiance’s Sister to Be A Bridesmaid? I recently got engaged and I am wondering who I should ask to be in my bridal party. My fiance is one of three boys. I have a good relationship with his sister-in-laws. Is it normal to ask them to be bridesmaids? Yes, I’m positive …

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brother of bride

Brother Walking Me Down The Aisle. How to Add Him to The Program. I am making the wedding programs for my niece. Her brother is escorting her down the aisle. How do I say this and where should I list this information in the wedding program? Weddings Unlimited On the section where you are listing the …

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wedding roles for friends

Other Roles Besides Bridesmaids I am sure my dilemma is not as serious as others, although it has caused me more stress than I expected it to in planning my wedding. My fiance has confided in me that he would prefer to keep the wedding party smaller as, in his opinion, having lots and lots …

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marriage convalidation

Wording The Invitation for a Convalidation of Marriage Can anyone please help me with the proper wording for an invitation if we are convalidating our marriage in the Catholic church? How can that be worded on an invitation so that people that may not be Catholic understand what a convalidation is? Would it be proper to …

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not included in bridal party

10 Friends, No Siblings. Feeling Hurt After Being Left Out of the Wedding Party   My only brother is getting married and his fiance who I though liked me has left me out of the bridal party and I have always got along with my brother. I thought she would have considered me important enough to …

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