Mother Of The Groom Dress I have 3 events I will be attending which I need your advice for dress code. The Bridal Shower, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. Here is a little background. I am the Step-Mother of the Groom. The wedding is at 2:00pm with a a reception sit-down dinner to follow. Events …

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Courthouse Wedding Dresses My boyfriend & I are planning a simple court marriage. We’re not engaged “officially” yet but we know that we want it this summer after his deployment. We would like to wait a couple of years to save up money for a Church ceremony, a Convalidation in the Church, but for now …

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suit vs tuxedo wedding

Suits Vs. Tuxedos At A Wedding Hello, I am getting married in the evening of May 19th of this year and had a few questions regarding the groom’s and his groomsmen’s attire. We have asked all of the groomsmen if they have a black suit, which they all do. The bridesmaids dresses are a tea …

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Wearing Pants To An Afternoon Wedding This one’s a toughie. I’m going to a 3PM wedding in mid-September as the guest of a guest (sort of a date). We are in our 60s and have been life-long friends. I do not know the bride or groom; but I do know the bride’s father. I asked …

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i hate my wedding dress

I hate my dress! I’m sorry to sound like a brat but I absolutely hate my dress. It came in a few days ago and I tried it on. I want to cry every time I think about it. I’m supposed to feel beautiful in my wedding dress but instead I feel like a short, …

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Mother of Groom: What to Wear This is my first formal wedding ever, and as it is the first of my beloved stepsons getting married, I wish to contribute to the perfection of their day. We are travelling from far away for this wedding. My husband is all set having ordered his tux with all …

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sikh wedding

I’m A Guest At A Sikh Wedding. What Should I Wear? Please help asap! I am attending a Sikh wedding tomorrow – I have been looking forward to it for months, got a new outfit, shoes, the works. The invitation included a detailed description of the customs and the ceremony and that we would be …

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Wedding Attire for An English Wedding My son is getting married in York England I need to know if it is required that I wear a hat? I have not decided on a dress yet the wedding is in late April at about 2:30 in the afternoon. One of the family of the brides and …

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little white dress bridal shower

What’s the Proper Etiquette For Guest Attire To A Wedding Shower? Hello, My sister is planing to wear white to my fiance’s shower. This is not sitting right with my fiance. I am not sure what is right or wrong here. What is the etiquette and what would you do? Thanks!!! Native para Donna, Wedding …

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mob dress

Our families and wedding guests cover a broad range of styles and tastes. Some will wear elegant cocktail dresses and suits, some will be Steinmartastic, while others will wear new Walmart shirts or their best 80’s church dress to this 5:30 wedding and dinner dance reception. The bride and groom want everyone to feel comfortable …


Can I Wear An Ivory Wedding Dress & Have White Flowers? I have picked out and purchased my wedding gown. It is ivory. If my dress is ivory, can I have white flowers and other white decorations or should I plan for them to be ivory as well? Can I mix ivory and white decor? …

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what to wear 5pm wedding

via It can be a rather daunting task figuring out what to wear to a wedding. What’s the proper etiquette depending on the type of event? You’ll learn all about it and more below including: Native para Simple, proper wedding attire etiquette tips What the kids should wear What to wear to an informal wedding …

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Chinese Wedding Attire Basics Reader Question: My brother is getting married this fall, and I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what the heck to wear. My sis-in-law to be did not invite me to be a bridesmaid because I’m a size 12 (too big), and her family is Chinese… since our family …

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Glamorous wedding dresss

Your wedding dress is the most important part of your wedding. Sure, the ceremony, reception and location all matter but most brides will admit that the dress is the one thing that stresses them out the most. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your wedding, apart of the decoration and the …

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