What is a Traditional Irish Wedding Toast?

Whether you come from a line of Irish men and want to infuse some of your heritage into the big day or maybe you’re having a destination celebration on the lush greens of Emerald Isle, traditional toasts are a must-have to be included. These Irish blessings are the best way to top off the ceremony, …


Traditionally the bride and groom sit in the middle of the table with the parents of the bride and groom on either side. The best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen fill out the rest of the table. If the couple decides not to have a bridal party, the siblings and best friends who …

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Wedding mistakes are usually the result of poor planning or miscommunication with the vendor/waitstaff. Food can come out at the wrong time during the reception, the best man has no idea when to give his speech, the flower girl is too little and cries halfway down the aisle, the the cake went to the wrong …

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A wedding is not an everyday event; therefore, it is an honor to be the best man at your bestie’s wedding. Delivering unique best man speeches is not an easy task. It can be an emotional thing for you most especially if the groom is your closest buddy. Since you will be endowed with a …

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Wedding toasts are either great or cringe-worthy…and there’s not much in between. If you want to ensure your toast is something to remember for the right reasons, check out what you should remember….and what you should avoid. Remember Be Prepared: You’re a member of the wedding party, so be ready to speak! Make a few …

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giving away the bride

“A very close friend has just asked me to ‘give her away’ at her wedding as she does not have a father. Any tips on speeches and what I should say?” via As for the wedding, you won’t need any speech tips. This isn’t where speeches take place. That happens at the wedding reception. Your …

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father of groom speech

So you’re the father of the groom–congratulations!! You get to dress up all fancy-like, eat cake, ingest alcohol, dance like no one’s watching, and otherwise have a spectacular time. You also get to make a toast, a traditional part of wedding day fanfare. Wedding toasts of any kind do not have to be long–in fact, …

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Weddings are all about love, including the love of those who those who are no longer with us. Whether it be a mother, father, aunt uncle, sibling, cousin, or anyone else important to the bride and groom and their respective families, finding a way to incorporate these loved ones’ memories into the wedding is a …

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Is your dad saying, “I do” and you want to make a speech in his honor come the big day? Take a peek below and check out our advice as well as a few other expert tips on how to deliver it with ease and a memorable punch! The Question Do you have any suggestions …

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brother of bride speech

If your little sis is saying her, “I do’s” or your big sis is ready to take the plunge, as brother of the bride, you just may be inclined to say a few words at the reception. With our quick guide and some general etiquette questions answers, you’ll be on your way in no time! …

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Second Wedding: Father Of The Bride Speech My daughter is getting married for the 2nd time and his first. Do I have to give a speech? Please help… As I don’t know what is proper. Nancy Tucker The question is, does your daughter want you to give a speech. It does not matter how many …

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What Do We Do About Father/Daughter Dance When Father is Deceased I’ll walk down the aisle alone, which I always wanted to do anyway. But what about the father-daughter dance? Play a song and let the floor be empty? Ignore it? There is no one else to dance with in his place. If nothing, could …

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second marriage toast

Being asked to give a toast at a wedding is a wonderful thing. It is also slightly terrifying for many, as not everyone enjoys standing in front of a room full of people and saying, well, anything, let alone something heartfelt and perhaps a little humorous. Yet planning a wedding toast of any kind does …

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Aunt Of The Bride Speech (Mother of Bride Passed Away) My sister (mother of the bride) recently passed away. I would love to say a few words to my beautiful niece – but I don’t want to turn make everyone cry. Could you suggest a few words to say? Rick Pieczonka – Instant Wedding Toasts …

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