T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band

Extra bands aren’t needed to go along with your engagement and wedding ring, but if you’re itching to know when you can slip another beauty onto your finger, you’ve come to the right place. Do you have a big anniversary coming up? Or maybe you’re about to celebrate a big moment in your marriage; a …

Tiffany Soleste Pear Engagement Ring1

Are you thinking about diving in and going for it? Is an engagement ring on your list of “things to buy” anytime soon? If so, you may have a few questions concerning both the cost and how to go about finding a ring that fits both your budget and fiance-to-be’s style. Have no fear, we’re …


Blood diamonds are enticing because of more affordable prices, comparatively to those in the market. However, they’re only tempting when you don’t know where to look for inexpensive and ethically sourced engagement rings. There are several reasons that would be more than enough to convince you and your soon-to-be-hubby that they’re not worth the price. …

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Oh dear. This is never an easy task, especially since many men slave over what type of ring to purchase. Since your now-fiance did not ask you what kind of ring you liked and surprised you with the proposal, you are kind of, um, in a bind. Your best bet is to wait for him …

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Love is the only reason you need to celebrate life and another person, and at Crownring, we take gestures of love to a whole new level. Our collections of rings stand the test of time while remaining relevant and stylish with contemporary aesthetics. Before you head to a discount retailer, come and peruse our varied …

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Different Stone for Second Marriage? She Doesn’t Want a Diamond Ring. We have both been married once before and are discussing marriage. She has said she does not want a diamond wedding ring and suggested because it will be her second marriage. I respect her opinion but I had never heard of this concern and always felt that …

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engagement ring

What does the “F” on the inside of my engagement rin mean? I recently noticed a logo/stamp in my engagement ring that looks like a diamond with a capital F inside of it. I’ve seen rings that have just the little diamond to verify the ring’s stones are diamonds, but how does the F change that? It …

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via Sometimes wearing your wedding band and engagement ring day in and day out can become uncomfortable and unrealistic. Instead of soldering them together forever (and possibly hurting their original design), find out if there are ways to connect them when need be but apart when it’s necessary. Below you’ll learn: Native para What connectors …

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Rings remain favorite accessories for many reasons. They are easy to slip on and off, come in a wide, wide, wide range of styles, and add the perfect bit of bling to any outfit. Engagement rings and promise rings are no exception to any of these perks, and range from glittering, gem-encrusted knockouts to simple-but-sophisticated …

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heart shaped engagement ring

How should a heart shaped diamond ring be worn? My fiance bought me a heart-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring. Which way does the point of the heart face, upward toward me or downward toward my fingernails?  Wedding Queen Native para This is a question I personally get a lot because I too have aheart shaped engagement ring. I …

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ivory wedding dress jewelry

Ivory Wedding Dress. What Are My Jewelry Choices. After weeks of consideration I decided to purchase an Ivory Pronovias dress. I fell in love with the dress but the pressure to purchase a white dress prevented me from buying it the minute I tryed it on (6 weeks ago). This is THE dress, you know, the one that makes …

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Engagement Ring Etiquette. How Should I Offer a Ring to Daughter’s Boyfriend? My mother has a diamond that she would like to offer to my daughter’s boyfriend to give to her during the proposal. Is this proper etiquette? I’ve heard of grandmother’s giving rings to grandsons, but can she give it to the man who …

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Do I Need a Wedding Ring? My fiance gave me an incredible three stone (past, present, future) ring as an engagement ring. It’s substantial; the centerstone is a round, 3/4 carat natural yellow diamond flanked by two round diamonds, 3/8 of a carat each. The ring is white gold and but the center stone is mounted in yellow gold …

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Wedding Ring Alternatives

I’m allergic to an array of metals, is yellow gold the best option for a wedding ring? Hi there, My boyfriend and I are not engaged yet, but we have discussed it and I know it is in the near future. I’ve always had a very strong sensitivity to metals, but was never really that …

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