This may seem like a stupid or insignificant matter…..These days I know it is uncommon to indent when writing a letter on the computer, but is it still considered correct when handwriting thank you notes?  Etiquette Now As a teacher I truly believe that there are no stupid or insignificant questions and this one is …

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save the date etiquette

Save the Date Card Etiquette Do we have to send a save-the-date card? A save-the-date is an expected courtesy. You don’t have to send one if you don’t want to but it has become customary. Of course, if you’re planning a destination wedding or a wedding during busy travel times (school vacations), then it is …

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small wedding ceremony

Limited Seating At My Wedding. How Do I Handle It? Hello — I am really nervous about my upcoming wedding because the venue has a maximum guest of 75. How do I send out invitations (many are out-of-towners; many have more than one child) and at the same time help ensure we don’t go over …

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wording wedding blessing invitations

Invitation Wording for a Marriage Blessing What is the correct invitation wording for a couple married 5.5 years who are having a church blessing and hosting it themselves. Also, what kind of insertions are appropriate? Can a reception card, and a response card and envelope be included? Is an inner envelope necessary?  Etiquette Now This …

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brother of bride

Brother Walking Me Down The Aisle. How to Add Him to The Program. I am making the wedding programs for my niece. Her brother is escorting her down the aisle. How do I say this and where should I list this information in the wedding program? Weddings Unlimited On the section where you are listing the …

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marriage convalidation

Wording The Invitation for a Convalidation of Marriage Can anyone please help me with the proper wording for an invitation if we are convalidating our marriage in the Catholic church? How can that be worded on an invitation so that people that may not be Catholic understand what a convalidation is? Would it be proper to …

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording & Etiquette Forgetting To Thank A Guest For Gift Question: My husband and I just had a Anniversary party celebrating 25 years. We were going through our gifts and we noticed we have 3 gifts that we can’t remember who gave them to us. I think there was a card …

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who pays for bachelor parties

Has anyone ever played a gamed called “The Peculiar Game?” It sounds so cute and fun, but I’m not really sure how to play it. It basically is a little poem, but has the women add points and take away points for various reasons…I’m guessing that the woman with the most points at the end …

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Necessary To Send Individual Wedding Invitations? I am the mother of the bride and I’m just starting to assemble the wedding guest list for our side of the family (wedding in a year). I am wondering if it’s necessary to send individual invitations to adult children living with their parents. I have one sibling who …

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What Does “M” Stand for on Wedding RSVP? I’ve received a wedding invitation with a response card. What does the “M” on the response card stand for? What is the proper way to fill the blank next line next to the “M”? Do I write “Mr. & Mrs. LastName” or just “LastName” or, since the M …

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  My husband and I due to issues with the church, had a small and very private ceremony Jan 25th 2008. Our plan was to have the wedding and reception on Sept 6th 2008. Money was deposited and places booked so we want to keep the 6th of Sept as planned. How do we word …

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rehearsal dinner placecards

My son is getting married in a few weeks and we are delighted to host the rehearsal dinner. It is not in our town, so it has been difficult to make the arrangements, but now we are set at a nice restaurant with outdoor seating. We will be the only ones there as it is …

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wedding invitation

Wedding Announcements Vs Invitations Announcement My daughter has a limited budget for the reception and can only invite a certain number of guests to the wedding (with dinner reception to follow). We would like to send separate invitations to wedding guests but also want to include friends and family in the celebration by way of …

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How long between mailing invites & RSVP date? Reader Question: What is the proper timing between mailing the invitations and the RSVP date? Like most brides, I have to limit my guest list and have a ‘B List’. I know I should have a short time limit with the first group of invitations, but I …

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