Go for a designer wedding cake!

Every wedding magazine, wedding planner or wedding Website advises you to go for a designer wedding gown or for a designer tuxedo, because your image in this big day is important, and therefore you should choose only the best. If that is the case for your wedding apparel, we definitely believe that your wedding cake should make no exception, as it is a crucial culinary item.

The first reason why people decide to buy their cake from a local store is due to their wedding budget. Everyone believes that these stores offer cheaper cakes, but in fact, cake designers have many great deals, and therefore they will not only allow you to purchase an affordable item, but they will also permit you to bring your contribution to your cake and to uniquely personalize it.

For instance, if you adore flowers and floral motifs, then “Flours” should definitely design your one-of-a-kind cake. They will be perfect for this job, because when it comes to flowers they are very creative and imaginative, and therefore will totally provide you the wedding cake of your dreams. Just, make your preferences clear and everything will go fine and smooth!

If you love colours, but you need an elegant wedding cake for your luxurious nuptials, then Edith Meyer may be the cake designer you need. This designer understands that due to this special occasion, one can not add whatever colour crosses their minds on this dessert.

Therefore she suggests that the best solution would be to go for pastel, and thus your wedding cake will acquire that elegant drop of colour.

And also, if you plan on emphasizing a special theme at your wedding ceremony, then your cake must portray it too. As the designer for thematic cakes, we recommend you Diane Burke, whose portfolio has definitely made a good impression. So, decide on the right theme and then choose the wonderful cake that will exhibit it the best!

All in all, your special cake should be a creation of a talented designer, in order to impress, amaze and surprise your wedding attendants. In addition to the wonderful design, you cake will also surprise through its delicious taste! So, go ahead and pick a designer wedding cake!