How Matchy-Matchy Should the Groom & Groomsmen Really Be?

Groom and Groomsmen Attire Etiquette

If we go with shades of green and my attendant wears one color, does that mean my husband-to-be and his attendant should wear accessories in another shade of green?

I am getting married for the second time next summer. I’ve picked my dress, which is champagne in color. My color theme will include shades of green or green and taupe.

I don’t know which members of the wedding party are supposed to match by color. My groom and I each have one attendant and my son will be walking me down the aisle. If we go with the shades of green and my attendant wears one color, does that mean my husband to be and his attendant should wear accessories in another green shade? What about my son? Does he match the groomsmen or my attendant with his color green?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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The entire wedding party should be color coordinated. So, usually all of the groomsmen and the groom (all of the men in the bridal party including fathers) wear the same attire and coordinating colors. However, the groom can wear a slightly different style or coordinating color. All the greens can be the same, or in the same family, but I’d stay away from using too many different shades. Typically we’ll see 2 colors, three tops if counting a cream or champagne color as you suggested.


Here is some information on choosing shades of green and how to incorporate them into your wedding planning:…r_Wedding_Ideas

I’ve attached a photo of some groomsmen wearing green and pink ties.


Maybe some of our wedding planners or photographers have a photo of a green wedding they can share?
Oh my goodness, another question. My husband to be and best man are wearing black, never even thought about what their colors would do (match or not match), oh what a dilema, please any advice would be appreciated

Groom and Groomsmen Attire Etiquette

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Today’s wedding designs are more about originality than following protocol. Whatever colors you chose can be used in multiple combinations – provided that they somehow compliment one another.

Stick to coordinating shades in the green and taupe families. Don’t include too many different colors or things will get confusing and overwhelming. Focus on two or three shades within the green and taupe families and include those colors in your bouquets, linens, settings, flowers, etc. (although not necessarily in all of the aforementioned).

Black accents can be used, to tie everything together. However, don’t use much black as it can be too harsh if not used correctly.

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I would suggest that your bridal party would coordinate with the same shade of green: the tie and vest of the best man and your son should match (or coordinate) with the color of your maid of honor’s dress. Your fiancee, however, could match his tie and vest to the color of your dress (champagne) with the Boutonierre accented with green to tie the entire color scheme together. It’s a simple solution that will look well in photos! Enjoy the wedding!

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Hi there!

First off congrats on your upcoming wedding, how exciting!

I agree with much of what has already been said – most importantly that the best man and your son’s vest/tie should be matching the color of the bridesmaid dress while your husband to be is in the same (or very close) shade as your bridal gown. Black suits are totally fine – maybe you can try wrapping the bridesmaid’s bouquet in a black and white stripe ribbon to tie in the black with her ensemble and add a small black and white ribbon in the men’s boutonnieres. Or you can even add black berries to your bridesmaid bouquet to tie that color in so the entire wedding party is coordinating. Just a couple options : )

Best of luck!

Groom and Groomsmen Attire Etiquette

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