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What to Wear To A 5pm Wedding

Question: I was invited to a 5pm wedding ceremony held at a chapel. The reception is being held at a very nice hotel. I have read that your attire should go by the invitations style. I have a few choices but am a little indecisive. My friend is a laid back person who loves color, but I fear that her wedding will be slightly formal. My first option is to wear a cute red-violet halter style dress with a few sequins and my second option is a pair of tan tweed flair trousers that have a hint of dark brown and pink with a cute pink silk tank and a dark pink tailored tweed jacket. I like them both but am leaning towards the trouser set. What do you think would be appropriate? I need help.

Answers: It sounds like this event is formal. The selections you have sound nice but I wouldn’t recommend you wear either option. My suggestion is that to be safe you should wear something more in line with a 5:00 p.m. and after formal affair. I’m not comfortable recommending the flair tweed pants w/tank and jacket or red/violet halter dress to fit that bill.

Try looking for a nice black, blue, violet or mocha/brown dress with sequins. A wrap or light jacket to accent the dress is a nice touch. Or, you could get a suit in any of the aforementioned colors and dress it up with a sequined colored tank or shell. Add a pair of matching sparking sling back shoes with a complementing metallic clutch purse (for any of the options) and you are definitely ready for a 5:00 p.m./formal affair.

You don’t have to spend a lot. I’ve helped find attire like this in places such as Marshal’s and TJMaxx with great success. My favorite secret place for sequined or sparkling tanks and metallic purses is Target.

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Wedding Expert Answer: It can be a fairly dark coloured dress, but it is considered rude to wear black to a wedding (supersition-black is associated with death, as if you were mourning the wedding). It seems like a very classy event, so an after-5/cocktail type dress is likely best. Also, not white (superstition-trying to outshine the bride, and white is very day-time-ish)

Wedding Etiquette Expert: Times have changed and I think it  black is generally okay at weddings these days. However, you may want to base your decision on your knowledge of the couple; if they’re very traditional or formal (or superstitious!), you might want to choose another colour. I’ve worn black to an evening wedding reception. I found that a good idea was to “lighten” the outfit by wearing a colourful shawl and jewelry.

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Evening weddings (5pm and later) are generally formal attire, however the invite should say formal or black tie attire. A black dress is fine, but if its formal I would say it should be on the longer side, (as opposed to a short or tea length dress) if it is formal tux and bow tie for hubby if its not noted in the invite, either ask you friend whos getting married or someone else who is going.
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What to Wear to a Wedding: Wedding Guest Attire for Every Type of Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is one of the most fun – and most trying – parts of being a wedding guest. Sure you can take your cues from the invitation, but what does “black tie optional” or “festive attire” really mean? And what should you wear to a formal daytime summer wedding, or a destination wedding? Here are tips and ideas for what to wear to every type of summer wedding.

A wedding invitation that says “Black Tie Optional” can be a confusing one to receive. Should you wear a formal gown or not? This dress strikes the right middle ground, with a simple cocktail shape dressed up by elegant beading. For a summer wedding, it’s easy and fun.

ou’ve gotten the invitation for your friends’ wedding, and started shopping for their wedding gift, when suddenly it hits you – what do you wear to a wedding?

The etiquette for proper wedding guest attire can vary greatly depending on the style of the wedding. You’ll have to become a little bit of a detective, but fear not. There are clues everywhere.

Start off with the invitation. Is it in flowing engraved black script on a heavy cream paper with formal language? Odds are the wedding will be similarly formal. Does it cheekily ask you to come see them get hitched? Wedding guests should look for a nice casual outfit. And of course, it may tell you directly on the invitation – black tie, casual attire etc.

Think about where the wedding is set – if it’s outdoorsavoid anything that will get caught in the wind – you won’t want a battle of wills between the wind and your modesty! Avoid high heeled shoes that will sink in the sand or in the grass. If it’s in a hot location avoid the suit and go for a breezy dress to help you keep your cool. Indoors at the country club or fancy restaurant? Make your outfit slightly more tailored and dressy.


What to wear to a wedding?


With so many weddings at different times and locations, how do I know what to wear when I am a guest to a wedding?

With so much focus on the bridal fashion of the bride, groom, and wedding party, we can’t forget the guests. So many people have a hard time dressing for weddings, particularly when the invitation doesn’t offer a specific dress code. Read on as we answer the most frequently asked questions of bridal fashion for guests!

What should I wear to a formal evening wedding?: If the invitation states “Black Tie” men are expected to wear a tuxedo while women may wear a long formal dress or gown or, if short is your style, a very dressed up cocktail dress. This would mean the cocktail dress is embelished and/or super formal. If the invite does not say “Black Tie” men should wear a dark suit and tie and women should wear the long or short dresses previously explained.

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What if it is a formal wedding but in the daytime?: For a daytime formal affair, men should stick to the dark suit and tie, women should still wear a long or very dressy cocktail dress but can take color into account. A daytime wedding is not the place for high-glamour sequins, or other super-evening embelishment. A lighter color is appropriate for daytime formal dresses.

What does semi-formal even mean?: For a semi-formal wedding in the evening, a dark suit for men is still appropriate while a cocktail dress for women would be most common. If the semi-formal event were in the daytime, women could wear business attire like a dress suit or a short dress. Men should still wear a suit to a semi-formal daytime wedding though they would have more flexibility with color in the daytime and the suit would not necessarily need to be dark. For those men who hate to wear a tie, a suit without a tie would be passable here.