Q: How Much Do Wedding Dresses Typically Cost?


This may sound redundant, but it depends on where you buy it. Purchasing a wedding dress at a store is generally more expensive than buying it online. Amazon features a plethora of bridal stores, most of which make customizing your dress easy. Simply send your measurements and other requirements well in advance of your wedding to find a beautiful dress at your doorstep. Such dresses cost between $200 and $500. Top designer dresses will obviously put you out a few thousand, however if you want to keep your wedding budget in the reasonable range, do the online thing. Consider doing the same for your bridesmaids–find beautiful dresses and send your ‘maids the information.
Another option? Go vintage. Shop for a bridal gown in a vintage or consignment store and make alterations as you wish. Who knows, your wedding dress could cost as little as $40 or $50!