Sunflower Bridal Bouquet. What Color Bridesmaid Dress? I’m getting married in July and my favourite flowers are sunflowers, so I’ve decided to have these as my bouquet! In order for the bridesmaids to match this I have decided that they should have cream gerbera daisies along with as hint of the colour they’ll be wearing. …

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southern wedding bridesmaids

Southern Traditions: House Party Thank you for your help with my son’s wedding. My future daughter-in-law asked me to post one more question. She has been invited to be a member of the house party in a wedding. When she tried to find out what being a member of the house party means, the bride told her it was a …

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wedding roles for friends

Other Roles Besides Bridesmaids I am sure my dilemma is not as serious as others, although it has caused me more stress than I expected it to in planning my wedding. My fiance has confided in me that he would prefer to keep the wedding party smaller as, in his opinion, having lots and lots …

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bridesmaid and maid of honor

A common question asked when it comes to the bridal party is what exactly the difference between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid is. Well, we’ve got you completely covered. In this article we’ll break down the responsibilities between the two and help you figure out the best fit for your leading lady versus …

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More Groomsmen than Bridesmaids Hello — please help — at the current count my fiancé has 7 groomsmen and I only want 2-3 bridesmaids. Do we need to pad up the bridesmaids list to better match the number of groomsmen? How much difference can there be without the wedding party looking unbalanced? Thank you for your …

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bridesmaid costs

Bridesmaid Costs. What It Costs To Be In A Wedding Bridesmaid Question: I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and I’m not sure if I should be expected to pay for certain things. The bride says the bridesmaids are supposed to pay for the bridal shower, but her mother is going to …

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