Weddings are complicated. You’ve got to plan them out beforehand, and most couples realize there are enough “aftermath” considerations to create a post-wedding to-do list. The best way to diminish such complication involves getting your vendors when the time is right, and thinking out your steps after the honeymoon is over. If you’re able to …


You proposed, she said yes, and planning is underway for what will no doubt be one of the greatest days of your life. Now that you’ve picked out your groomsmen, don’t forget to find a token of gratitude for all the support they’ve given up to this point. The guys that will stand by your …

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wedding gift boss daughter

What To Give As A Gift At Boss’ Daughter’s Wedding My husband and I have been invited to his boss’ daughter’s wedding. We have not socialized much with the boss (been to his home once for a group dinner party) and do not know the bride and groom. In fact, when we received the invitation, we …

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 Wedding Gift Tips For Couples Living Together Are you required to give a gift to a couple that have been living together for a number of years,and have 2 children? What is proper etiquette ?  Wedding Eqituette Expert If you are attending their wedding, you are obligated to send them a gift. Wedding Queen Technically, if …

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My sister in law and her guest, and my niece and her husband, attended my daughter’s wedding and gave no card and no gift. My sister in law’s other daughter and guest responded that they would be attending and did not come. None of them responded by card. When my daughter didn’t receive the RSVP …

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Hello. there are serveral posts on here from people with a similar dilemma that I too have – I live outside of my home country, will be getting married outside of my home country, but many of my guests will be coming to my wedding from my home country. In my case I am from …

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donation in lieu of favor

“Donations Instead Of Gifts” Wording My fiance and I are in exactly the same situation as a couple who posted just recently – we have been living together for a while and have no need for (or desire to receive) gifts at our upcoming wedding. But, in the anticipation that our guests will feel compelled …

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groom gift help

Wedding Gift Ideas For My Future Husband Hi, I need some advice on what to get my FH. My wedding is coming up soon and I want to get my fiance something. Has anyone else thought about this? Does anyone have any good ideas? Need_a_Gift_Bride Native para Donna, Wedding Queen What is your budget? Reader …

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Vow Renewal & Anniversary Gifts My husband and I were married by a judge when we were 18 (ten years ago) in a small ceremony. (only 7 people were in attendance)we separated for 3 years and reunited a year ago. For our ten-year anniversary this fall, we want to have a vow renewal/anniversary party. We are only …

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I plan to give my future daughter-in-law a silver powder compact with her new initials engraved on it. Would it be best to give it to her after the rehearsal, at or after the rehearsal dinner, or on the day of the wedding, which is tomorrow? Or do you have any other suggestions? I’m kind …

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wedding gifts

Destination Wedding Guests & Wedding Gifts. What’s The Deal? Reader Question: My questions are regarding my recent wedding (10 days ago) which was an incredible learning experience. We had a destination wedding in Vegas and were shocked when 7 groups out of 17 attending did not give a card – never mind a gift. To date, …

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wedding cash or check

When you give money as a gift do you give a cash or a check?  Hi everyone, I am going to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I can only afford maybe 40 or 50 dollars along with a card as a gift. My question is, is it more appropriate to give the money …

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We are having a small wedding with just our immediate family and and closest friends. It is an out of town wedding and our list goes from inviting 30 to having to invite 115. We are financially strapped so we are trying to make the most of it without going into dire debt. We are …

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