Selecting a maid of honor is a fun way to honor a beloved relative or friend. Once you’ve asked, however, you may not know how to get her involved fully in the planning. While respecting that she has other things going on in her life is important, you can talk to her about how much …


So your bestie’s getting married and you’re throwing her a bachelorette party. This is quite a responsibility you’ve taken on. Think about it. It’s her last night as a single woman and she’s going to want to make it a night to remember (in a positive way of course). For starters, forget dressing her up …

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bridesmaid and maid of honor

A common question asked when it comes to the bridal party is what exactly the difference between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid is. Well, we’ve got you completely covered. In this article we’ll break down the responsibilities between the two and help you figure out the best fit for your leading lady versus …

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