Of course! Licenses make the marriage legal, however it is not necessary to get your license before you have your big day. Plan your wedding and enjoy a wonderful day of love, family, and friends—just keep in mind the marriage will not be officially legal until you obtain said license. The only time you will …

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marriage in canada

Steps to Take to Be Married In Canada in A Civil Ceremony Hi Hope you can help. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now via a long distance relationship (he is a Canadian citizen and living in Toronto and I am British citizen living in the UK). We are planning on getting married this year …

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A marriage license is the legal document issued by your county clerk’s office that will be filed by your minister or officiant after your wedding ceremony to ensure that you are legally married.  After it is filed, a certified marriage certificate will be issued by the clerks office and mailed to you.  That document is …

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