Anniversary Party Instead of a Wedding Reception

With the big day approaching, there’s so much to organize. From the flowers and the venue to your custom-made wedding cake and that’s not to mention all the wedding rituals, you can follow. From who walks you down the aisle to the cutting of the cake; these traditions have been passed down through generations. Most …

Red wedding cake

You are a very sexy and passionate bride, aren’t you? Well, in this case, you will have to focus on the passionate red at your wedding ceremony. What we would like to suggest to you is to purchase a red wedding cake for your wedding reception. Does it sound interesting? Of course it does; therefore …

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I believe you all have noticed the latest wedding trend, which consists in replacing the wedding cake with some tasty and delicious cupcakes. Because we consider this to be something wonderful and nice for the couple getting married, we would like to tell you more and to offer you some great pieces of advice concerning …

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