Wedding planning can be incredibly fun and exciting but it can also be extremely overwhelming and stressful. It’s not every day that you get married and plan an event of this magnitude. Unless you’re in the business, you may not have a clue where to begin the process. To get started, here’s a quick list …


Sometimes brides question who they have to invite to what, especially if their wedding is smaller, more intimate, or as a destination event. So, if every leading lady in your life is invited to the bridal shower, do you need to pass out invites to the wedding as well? “If someone is invited to the …


Wording an invitation can be seriously complicated for some and there are so many questions when it comes to what to add and where. Here we address one of the most common concerns: Readers Ask Do I need to include the dress code on the invitation? Our Answer Absolutely, if it’s something you think guest …


If you are looking for some good wedding invite wording samples, read on. The following ideas courtesy of The Knot provide the inspiration you need! Traditional Wording Sample Native para Mr. and Mrs. [proper names of those hosting] request the honor of your presence [request line]* at the marriage of their daughter Keely Murphy [bride’s …

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  My husband and I due to issues with the church, had a small and very private ceremony Jan 25th 2008. Our plan was to have the wedding and reception on Sept 6th 2008. Money was deposited and places booked so we want to keep the 6th of Sept as planned. How do we word …

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Wedding Ceremony

How do we invite guests to our wedding ceremony only? Hi, I am sure that this has been asked a few time before, but I cold not fine an answer, save the one where they didn’t want to be polite, So here goes. We have a few people that we’d like to invite to our …

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

This may be a silly question, but what is the difference between Miss and Ms. and when do we use each title when addressing invitations??   Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca Dear Titles, There are no silly questions, just lots of silly people 😉 Me included. Native para This title has a lot to do …

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Adult Only Wedding Reception

Is it rude to have an adult-only wedding and reception? I am planning a 5 pm wedding in May and a 7 pm reception which will last until 11 pm. I live in NC and have been here settled for over 9 years and my husband-to-be is from another country and has been here for …

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Wedding Invitations

How long before the wedding date should the RSVP date be set?? How long before the wedding date should the RSVP date be set? A month before the wedding? Two weeks? Most of the people who are coming live out of town so maybe that factors into it?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!! Sarah …

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how to word wedding invitations

Reader’s Ask: Everyone Thinks We Are Getting Married Overseas, How Do We Word Our Invites So Everyone Is Surprised? I was planning to word the reception invitation saying something like “so and so are thrilled to announce their upcoming wedding, please join us for a pre-wedding celebration at venue…” and then after the cocktail hour …

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wedding program example

  Wedding programs are a great way to greet your guests at the ceremony.  The program helps guests feel included by making sure that they can follow along with the processional as well as it gives them a keepsake they can then take home with them after the ceremony. What Is Included On a Wedding …

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  I have used the Search feature but haven’t found a situation that is exactly like mine and I would like to ask for your advice. My fiancé and I are having what we consider to be a stateside destination wedding – we have rented out a Bed and Breakfast in the White Mountains of …

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A friend has received a wedding invitation and at the bottom it says “presentation preferred” We have never heard of this and wondered if this could mean the couple are asking for money? Isn’t that considered a no-no on an invitation? Thank you. Shawn Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc®, a wedding planning …

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In the old days, addressing a wedding invitation to a couple was fairly straightforward. You put the full name of the man preceded by “Mr. and Mrs.” as in “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.” While this format still works with certain couples, it does not address all the variations in living arrangements available today. The …

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