Wedding planning can be incredibly fun and exciting but it can also be extremely overwhelming and stressful. It’s not every day that you get married and plan an event of this magnitude. Unless you’re in the business, you may not have a clue where to begin the process. To get started, here’s a quick list …


We all know that you aren’t truly engaged until you have a date for the wedding, and you can’t have a date for the wedding before you find your perfect venue. Unfortunately, searching for a suitable venue can be frustrating and disheartening. Where do you start? What questions do you ask? How do you know …

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via Readers Ask: Can we nix the reception and just have a 1-year anniversary party instead? “My husband & I got married in a private ceremony last March. I was considering throwing a “one year anniversary” party for some friends & family (some felt left out and a few have nagged me about “doing something”) …

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Is it ever appropriate to host an “open house” type of reception? My daughter is looking at having a reception at a park with a lodge and pavillion that can be rented. The problem is, it only holds about 60 people. Both sides of the family alone are large so that limits us. My question …

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reception and ceremony

Ceremony & Reception In The Same Place Ok, here’s a good one my fiance came up with (this is why I love him)… Our ceremony and reception are in the same place. There will be tables set on either side of a dance floor which will double as an aisle. We’ll say our vows in …

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Wedding And Reception In Same Place We are having my daughter’s wedding and reception in the same place,. All guests will be seated at their tables before the ceremony except the wedding party. What is a good transition from the ceremony to the pictures after and then back into the reception? Will they walk out …

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wedding reception

How late should I reception go til, is 8pm too early? We are getting married at 3pm on a Saturday. The reception hall is about 10 minutes away from the church. We are planning a cocktail hour from 4-5 and dinner at 5.30. Since most vendors do everything in 4 hours increments that means our …

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Wedding Reception Centerpieces

  Dollar bills used to win centerpieces?? Hi I was wondering about the game where a dollar bill is used to win the centerpiece. Usually the dollar is passed around the table or someone runs around the table with it. Are there any specific rules to the game? Thanks – Tom Native para Donna, Wedding …

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wedding ceremony church

How Much Time Is Too Much Time Between The Ceremony And Reception? Question: We are thinking of having our wedding at 12 pm and our cocktail hour stars at 4:30. The majority of our guests are local, but we do have some out-of-towners, of course. We live in an area where there is plenty to …

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Can We Have A Wedding Ceremony After A Courthouse Marriage? Ok, so here is my issue. I have been reading some of the posts and now I’m worried I may not be going about this the right way. My finace is in the service and scheduled to go overseas and so we are getting married …

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calculate drinks at a wedding

Estimating Drinks Per Person For A Wedding Reception Wedding Alcohol Question: We are serving beer and wine only at our reception and I must let the caterer know how much we want of each. My question is how to figure this number? 60 % of the # invited is 90 people. I need to get this right …

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  I have used the Search feature but haven’t found a situation that is exactly like mine and I would like to ask for your advice. My fiancé and I are having what we consider to be a stateside destination wedding – we have rented out a Bed and Breakfast in the White Mountains of …

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We are having a small wedding with just our immediate family and and closest friends. It is an out of town wedding and our list goes from inviting 30 to having to invite 115. We are financially strapped so we are trying to make the most of it without going into dire debt. We are …

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Invitation Wording: Reception-Only Invitation My fiance and I have decided we don’t want a big ceremony (if any) and only want to have a reception with family and friends. We are unsure of what type of invitation to send out and if we should register anywhere or to even expect gifts. Any advice on what …

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