The Best Wedding Planning Apps for iOS & Android

Best Wedding Planning Apps to download for iOS & Android

We live in a world where everyone’s smartphone is their best friend and there’s a techy tool to get everything on your to-do list checked off with precision. So, it’s no wonder there are a plethora of digital finds that will help brides and grooms all-around plan, prepare, and execute the wedding of their dreams whether it’s a local or at a faraway dream destination.

Below you’ll find some of the best wedding planning apps for your iPhone or Android. They’ll help you organize, brainstorm, and keep everything on track for your big day. Let’s have a look, shall we?

The Best Wedding Planning Apps for iOS & Android

Our Favorite: WeddingHappy

WeddingHappy appFeatures: Tasks List, Shareable Event Details

WeddingHappy is the closest thing you can get to a personal wedding assistant without actually having a right-hand at your side. This application will remind you when deposits are due and give you the opportunity to share event details will all the VIPs in your party.

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Overall Best: Wedding Wire

wedding wire appFeatures: Vendor Lists, Etiquette Guides, Checklists, Budget Templates

Wedding Wire is the ultimate grand supreme of wedding planning apps. From finding vendors to keeping your budget in line to etiquette guides and checklists to keep everything organized and on time, brides and grooms will have everything they need to stay stress-free right at their fingertips.

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Wedding Invitations: Save The Date

Save The Date wedding invite maker app

Features: Save the Date Creation, Unique Wedding Invite Creation, Personalized Previews

This application compiled all of the materials and resources one would need to create their very own, unique wedding invitations – with their own unique creativity and imagination. There’s even an option to create matching pieces for the rest of the wedding like place cards.


Venue Finder: Wedding Spot

Features: Searchable Wedding Venues, Compare Prices

Wedding Spot will help you sift through and find the right wedding venues and then turn around and compare prices as well. What’s great is you’ll be able to search by location, style, budget, and capacity as well making the hunt so much easier!


Registry: Zola

Zola wedding app

Features: Free Wedding Website, Registry Maker

You can create an amazing registry – including all the wonderful goods you may need for your current or new home or sign up to receive funds for your honeymoon – with the help of Zola. A bonus is that the app provides an opportunity to create a free wedding website.

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Organizing: Trello

trello wedding planning app

Features: Virtual Pin-Boards, To-Do Lists, Set Deadlines

This app is everyone OCD, organizing-loving wedding planning junkie. Be mindful, this app isn’t just for weddings but it’s the perfect place to compile all the details and deadlines into one place and create a manageable pinboard filled with all you need to stay organized and on top of things.

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Note Taking: Google Docs

google docs wedding app

Features: File Sharing, Spreadsheets, Photo Bank

Take notes, set reminders, share info, keep track of budgets, and more all within this one solid app. You can make other edits to your documents and have a group effort in keeping all the wedding planning necessities in one space.

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Inspiration: Pinterest

pinterest app

Features: Create Inspiration Boards, Privacy Feature

Pinterest is a smorgasbord of inspiration. Find visual ideas at every turn and turn your ideas into mood boards to help make your vision for your big day come to life. Everything from style collages to food ideas can be pinned and kept for safekeeping.

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Decorations: Etsy

Etsy app

Features: Buy and Sell Handmade Goods, Shop From International Artists, Style Inspiration

Find some of the best wedding inspiration and decorations while perusing the wonderful artists on Etsy. There are so many different bits and pieces of beauty you can find (while supporting small business)! You can even go so far as to plan an Etsy wedding.

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Color Ideas: myPantone

mypantone wedding planning app

Features: Color Coordination and Inspiration, Color Identifier


What’s amazing about this app is that it will identify any color for you! See a shade you love in a magazine or a scrap of fabric? Snap a pic and the application will tell you what it is. This is perfect for matching decor pieces and bridesmaids dresses.

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Budgeting: Mint

mint budget app

Features: Monitor Spending, Create Budgets

An application made for budget-savvy individuals, Mint is great for organizing and staying on top of wedding bills and price points. With its tools, you’ll stay on top of deadlines with their easy payment reminder and follow the spending on the event as well. It’s especially great for those getting married on a student budget!

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Honorable Mention: Amazon

amazon wedding app

Features: Create Registries & Wish Lists, Browse New Product

This is a great spot to go from wish-list to registry. Your guests are already familiar with Amazon so they’ll be able to click through the items, buy, and send them directly your way. Plus you have the opportunity to curate a list that includes items from other stores as well!

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